Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shop Til You Drop 2013

aka:  Summer turns 16
We were already in St. George for Choir Retreat at the first of August.
So, to celebrate Summer's 16th birthday, we headed to Las Vegas for the weekend.
We dubbed it, #shoptilyoudrop2013
because that is all Summer wanted to do for her birthday.
Friday night found us on the strip at Caesar's Palace trying on prom dresses.
Who in the world enjoys trying on dress after dress besides Summer?  not me!!

We also went "Window shopping" at Tiffany's.  And we ended up trying on a few rings.
While I had Summer occupied in a dressing room, Rick went back to Tiffany's to pick up the ring we picked out for Summer for her birthday.
On Saturday, in 115 degree temperatures, we ended up at the ginormous outlet mall.
Again, not my idea of fun, but I'm not the one turning 16.
It doubled as birthday shopping/school shopping.
We ended at The Cheesecake Factory for Saturday Evening birthday dinner.
And we also took the family to see Mystere (Cirque de Soliel)

We obviously fooled Summer, she had no idea that we had made a little blue bag purchase.

We left Vegas on Monday morning and arrived back in St. George just in time for Summer to go down to the Driver's License Division and pick up her driver's license.  
Too bad she wasn't yet insured, so no driving yet.
Happy 16 Summer!!

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