Monday, August 26, 2013

Chamber Choir Retreat in SG

So, here's the Chamber Choir story...
Last spring when it was time for Chamber Choir tryouts, Summer did not know if she was going to be able to be in Chamber Choir because it requires 2 class periods out of her schedule.  It was dependent on whether or not she made student council, as that would talk up one of her available class periods.  She talked to Mr. Mendenhall about her situation.  He asked her to go ahead and fill out the paper work  for Chamber Choir and go ahead and tryout.  Then, come talk to him as soon as the election results were available.  Unfortunately, Summer was not elected as a class officer.  She was sad, but she still didn't feel like trying out for Chamber Choir.  She left her application incomplete and settled with being in Concert Choir.  
About a week later, on Friday evening, I got a phone call from a student in Chamber Choir saying that Summer had "made it" for Chamber Choir next year and that they would be coming at 6 in the morning to kidnap her for the Chamber Choir breakfast.
I thought that was weird since Summer hadn't tried out.
I hung up the phone and told Rick that they must have made a mistake or called the wrong person.
But, sure enough...6 o'clock the next morning, a group of loud, giggling girls showed up on our front porch to kidnap Summer and take her to breakfast.

After Summer got home, she told me this story...
She told the girls in the car that had kidnapped her that there must be some mistake because she hadn't actually tried out for Chamber Choir.  One of the girls told her this...They (they senior chamber sings that were doing the kidnapping & breakfast) were waiting for Mr. Mendenhall to give them the list of the names of the new Chamber Singers.  They waited and waited.  Day after day.  Finally, on Friday evening Mr. Mendenhall gave them the list of names.  He had finalized the list, but just couldn't pass it on.  He went back to his office and added Summer's name to the list.  Once he did that, he felt certain that the list was complete.  And he was finally able to give the list of names to the kidnapping committee.  And that was when they called me and told me that Summer was going to be kidnapped.  He said it was kinda a confidential thing because he didn't want anyone to feel bad that Summer didn't technically tryout, but was still included in Chamber Singers.  Summer in one of only 4 Junior girls that is in Chamber Choir.  Quite an honor, considering that she didn't officially tryout.

The Chamber Choir went to Dixie State University for 3 days at the beginning of August.
I was lucky enough to be a chaperone.  (makes me wish I were in high school again, did I really just say that?)
We got on the bus at 4:55 am at the high school to ride to St. George.

First thing they did was warm up those voices.

Maybe not everyone agrees with me, but I think Mr. Mendenhall is amazing.
I don't know why things happen the way they do, but I am absolutely, positively grateful that we ended up in Utah, in Utah County, and in Mapleton, so that my girls could go to Maple Mountain High School and study music with Mr. Mendenhall.  He will be big and do great things in his lifetime.  I just hope he stays at MMHS long enough for Sierra to have the opportunity to study with him.

Summer and Savannah.

Summer and Savannah again.

On the first evening, we went to Tuacahn to see Thoroughly Modern Milly.  Then Rick picked me up and I got to stay at our condo while the rest of the group went to the hotel.
On the second evening, we went to see Mary Poppins and Rick, Sierra, and Cole joined our group.  It was fun.  I have no blasted idea who thinks it's a good idea to put an outdoor theater in the middle of the desert where it's 110 degrees on a cool night.  Just glad it was a "cool night" for us.

 At the end of the last day of rehearsal, it was time for a hug fest.

 And the MMHS 2013-14 Chamber Choir

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