Monday, August 26, 2013

Girls camp 5 year recap

We went to Flaming Gorge for Ward Camp.
It was fun.  Our poor camp director had a really hard time delegating.
Therefore it was a 4 day vacation for most of the leaders which resulted in a 4 month recovery for her.
Pretending to faint so the YW could assess the situation.  (all in the name of certification)

There were some questionable food handling practices.
So, we got rid of some of the cheese and other items we were worried about.
(Without said camp directors permission.)

Doreen, me and Rebekah
The Beehive leaders.  We had so much fun in this calling.  I love these ladies to death.
I really miss them both.  why do things have to change?

Stake Camp at the Heber Valley Hilton
I was a 1st year cabin leader with Natalie Card.
It was Summer's first year at camp and here are some of her cute friends.
Alexandra, Summer, Rachel, Lexi, McKenna

Me and Rebekah

Me and Summer

This year I wasn't actually in YW, I was cub master, but thankfully my dear friend, Sadie asked me to come along and be the camp photographer.  So much fun.  
We camped at Pleasant Creek Camp Ground near Boulder Mountain/Capitol Reef.

Summer, level 2

Calf Creek Falls

a picture of me just to prove I was there.

Summer performing at skit night.

Me and Sadie
Right after camp, Sadie asked me to be the Assistant Camp Director.

the fearless leaders

"Pink Panty Hike"

I love this picture of me and Summer at Calf Creek Falls

Back at The Heber Valley Hilton for Stake Camp
This year I was the Level 3 Leader, in charge of all of the level 3 girls and their leaders.
I had so much fun.  It was a lot of hard work and a lot of meetings and planning, but I had the best time ever.  I really loved it.
We had a talent show and Summer brought her guitar and performed, "Who Says?" by Selena Gomez

Getting ready to paddle our canoes on the lake.

Me and Sadie out on the middle of the lake.
We may have broken some rules and made a few phone calls on our cell phones.

On the hike back from the lake, one of the girls dared me to make a snow angel so I did.
It was cold.

Me on the zip line.

Summer performing in the skit.  

Someone dared me to wear this flower on my head.  

My cabin mate 2 years earlier, Natalie.  She was a Level 4 leader with me this year. 
So much fun.  (We were roommates on choir tour, too)  bad pic.  ooops 

Ward Camp at Goblin Valley State Park

Sierra technically was not supposed to go to camp this year.
She was 11 and did not turn 12 until September.
Things were just not working out for our planning and preparations.
I wasn't sure what to do to make everything right for everyone.
Lots of tears were involved.  (plus, our YW's presidents mother died a few days before camp)
I counseled with a stake leader from our ward as well as the ward camp director and Rick and I decided that the best thing to do would be for me to go to camp and take Sierra with me.

This is Shelby.  Pretty much our adopted daughter.  She is a year older than Summer.


Ashlyn (my cute little Beehive class president) and her mom, Mundi
At times, I thought that I probably shouldn't have gone to camp.
Too many obstacles and conflicts.
But, I will forever be grateful that I did go to camp because 4 months after camp, my dear friend Mundi passed away.  I am so happy that I had the opportunity to spend a few days with her at camp and hear her beautiful testimony.

Audrey, our YW president, and Mundi

Mundi and Jenny, camp cooks

our fun first year girls learning how to tie knots for certification

working on our temple craft

I may or may not be raiding the food trailer looking for cookies.

Soooo, if you know me at all, you know my drama of being banned from attending camp this year.
(I am still not sure of the exact reason, and I still feel that I was treating incredibly unfairly.
I did meet with a member of the Stake Presidency, but never got any follow-up.)
(Not going to rehash it here.  or anywhere really)
But, I am happy to say that I am totally fine with the whole thing now.
I was ready to give up on the whole thing, Young Women's, church, the whole thing.
But, my husband fought for me behind and the scenes and allowed me to stay with my calling in YW's just a bit longer.  I think it was necessary for closure.  It helped to be so heavily involved in the whole July 24 Celebration 5K.  (that was sooo time consuming, but certainly a good distraction)
I have chopped all my hair off (also necessary when reinventing yourself, I say)
I filled my cup at Education Week last week.  I nearly didn't go.  Just didn't feel up to it.
But, I signed up at the last minute and dragged my sorry butt up to campus.
It was a good thing.  Those darn leaders told me exactly what I needed to hear (and not necessarily what I wanted to hear).
So, school has started, I have been instructed, and I am refreshed and ready to move on with it.
That may or may not include YW.  But either way, I'm good.
But, I am certain that my girls camp era is over.  So, so sad that I don't get to share in that journey with Sierra like I did Summer, but that's life.  and someone else's decision.
Ready for the next adventure.  I just pray to heaven it's not Cub Scouts.

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Amara said...

I'm commenting too much, and skipped a few posts, but have to say I'm glad you didn't quit the church :) -i've had my days too. I hope you realize how oblivious I was to this whole thing -i would gladly have given you my spot if I'd even suspected. I had a good time, but I thought you would be there -just assumed. So sorry.