Wednesday, October 12, 2011


surprise MOM.
I have been scanning pictures this week.  
Look how cute you are.  were.

This is the ONLY picture I have of anything Dalton.  at all.
Raymond, Sylva, Morgon Leon, & Dolores

And I will need help with this one...
I assume it was taken in Parawon.
I can make a guess on 2 of them, maybe 3.
I will certainly need the help of you and Dolores one of these days.

I'm about half way done scanning photos.
I may have to stop soon and cook. and do laundry.  and shower.
But, I am on a roll......


Brandi said...

Don't stop! Keep going. Have Cole make dinner.

Leslie said...

Aw she is super cute!! I live the first pic.

Leslie said...

And by live I mean love.