Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beautiful fall day in October

I took this picture on Tuesday.
I didn't get a great shot.
The girls said to wait for a week or so and the leaves and colors would be much prettier..

This was Thursday.  
At 3 in the afternoon, after the snow had all day to melt and this is what is still left...

It's kinda weird to see the snowy picture with all of the leaves still on the trees.
We may have lost a branch on the apricot tree in the back yard.  darn. (sarcastic)
The branches on the right side (above) that are pointing down in front of the garage window...
well, they are supposed to grow straight up.  But the weight of the snow made them bend down.
We may have lost a few branches from that tree as well.  Darn. (serious)

Cole made a giant snow ball in the back yard.  
Then on Friday he went outside and made snowballs. 

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