Friday, December 17, 2010

Preschool Performance

Cole's preschool went to a care center this morning to sing some Christmas carols.  It was fun.
Here they are at the cross walk, waiting for the green light.
 Singing some songs:

 After they sang, their teaching gave them each a paper chain that they had made earlier in the week.
They got to walk around and give them to the residents to use to count down the days until Christmas.
Cole was standing on the end, so he got a chain first.
I was nearly certain that he would be too stubborn to do anything besides stand there and pout.  
But, he walked right up to this little 80 lb. lady who had the cutest little facial expressions and gave her a paper chain.
 There was one extra chain so his teacher let Cole pass out a second chain.  
He went and found this lady who was watching from the hallway.
 Here they are after singing and walking back to school.  So much fun...

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Amara said...

Oh I Miss those preschool programs! It's so cute to see them sing. Thank you for capturing such a beautiful moment on film between Cole and that little lady.