Thursday, December 9, 2010

More about the 1/2 marathon/marathon

you thought you were going to get a Disney World post, not yet.  It's coming.
But after walking around Orlando for a week looking at one fat person after another, I just can't help but say a few things.
So, here it is...I was on the treadmill this morning watching the Biggest Loser.  I was watching the one where the final 4 contestants run the marathon.  OK.  If you don't watch the show, here is the recap.  A whole bunch of obese people tryout for a show where they go to a ranch and workout for 8 hours a day while people cook and clean for them.  They compete for challenges and rewards and at the end of the week they weigh in.  the person who has lost the least amount of weight goes home.  At the end of 3 months 4 people are left.  One of them will win $250,000 next week for being the Biggest Loser.
Anyway, these people were OUT of SHAPE just a few months ago and all 4 of them completed a marathon.  They didn't think they could do it 3 months ago.  And I didn't think all of them would do it when I watched it this morning (Elizabeth).  But they did it.  Even Elizabeth.  So, if they can do what they did in 3 months and complete a marathon.  We can all do a half or at least a 5K, right?  6 months.  We can do it.
Here are some tips that I got from Tony Horton...

1.  Give up the alcohol.
2.  Give up the caffeine.
3.  Cut out the sugar.
4.  Cut out the gluten.
5.  If it has a face, don't eat it.

So, I was reading the fine print about what Tony had to say.  Here is what stood out in my mind.  Alcohol. Empty calories and it is full of calories.  And who wants to be an alcoholic?  Easy enough.
And Tony says that caffeine may give you a little "boost", it's not natural.  You will get a boost by exercising and eating right.  And caffeine is also addictive.
Tony suggests that the only sugar that you eat should come from foods naturally.  Like from fruits.  None of this nasty processed stuff.
He says that the origin of the word gluten is "glue".  Who wants glue in their system?
And last, if it has a face, don't eat it.  So, he's saying to cut out all meat because of all of the unnatural chemicals and hormones added to animals and their diets.  You can get plenty of good protein from other foods.
So, as part of my training I am going to suggest we all follow some of Tony's suggestions.  Pick one and do it or may pick a few and modify your eating just a bit.  I will start by cutting out all alcohol.  Hehe.  OK, and caffeine.
The sugar...seriously, it's Christmas.  What about all the goodies?  I am going to try to significantly reduce the sugar intake.  And eat more fruit for treats.
Tony suggests things to replace wheat.  I don't have dietary issues with wheat, but I like his other suggestions, too, such as quinoa, rice, amaranth, and oats.  I am in love with oats (more about that later.)
And I think it's funny that Rick talks to his chicken when he eats it for dinner because it used to have a face.  This is what I think about the meat thing.  Moderation.  You know, that whole Word of Wisdom meat sparingly.
So, pick something on the list and see if you can't eat a little better this holiday season.  It will help you feel better.
And, the weather forecast in Utah for the next 10 days is looking pretty good for an afternoon run or walk.  Bundle up and get out there while you can.  Seriously, if Elizabeth can run a marathon, we all can.

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Jacobson Five said...

I was thinking the same thing about Elizabeth, she gave up on everything in the show, seriously didn't think she would do it!
I been running (on the tread mill), I call it my training to prepare for the actual training!