Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let It Snow...

Rick was scheduled to get off work at 1 am this morning.

I woke at 2:30 am, and there was no sign of Rick.

I sent him a text asking if I should come get him.  Then I immediately regretted that because I figured that he would run off the road while trying to read my text.

At 3 am, I heard the garage door open, but no sound of a vehicle.  I thought maybe Rick had just walked home from work.  Then when I finally heard a vehicle I realized it was MY vehicle.  So, I went to the front door and this is what I saw...

This was how far Rick made it home last night.  He drove slowly and carefully, timing the lights such that he didn't ever have to stop (he knows how to do that in the early morning hours from lots of experience).  But he got stuck going around that last corner...

Well, Rick was trying to set up the Escalade to pull the Mini up the hill, but could not find a place to attach a tow rope that would not pull off the bumper.

So, he got back in the Mini and slid back down the hill.  I told him to just park on the Nackos front yard and deal with it the morning.  He made it right to the middle of the T intersection and then couldn't move.  With my big, strong muscles, I pushed him half way down the road to 1600 N.  He went around the block, again making sure to not stop until he had circled the block and he was parked safely in the garage. (imagine the movie The Italian Job)

I had run into the house to grab my phone and then I jumped in the Escalade and followed him around the block in case he got stuck again and I needed to rescue him.  But, it turned out that wasn't necessary.

I should have taken a picture of the front of the Mini in the garage.  The whole front end was packed with snow.  It was like the front of a snow plow.

We got to bed at about 3:45 which was good because the power went out at 3:48.

And it's still snowing at Noon.

Piano lessons cancelled.  Orthodontist postponed.  It's definitely a snow day.  I got the house cleaned.  Now I can start baking all of those holiday recipes that I printed up yesterday.  I hope I have all of the ingredients because I won't be going to the store today.

**Edit...Rick says there may be some exaggeration in this story, but there definitely is not.


Jacobson Five said...

We got stuck on our way to go sledding in Springville, we had to have a guy on a 4 wheeler pull us out. Got to love the snow, once the roads are clear and the power is back on, it isn't so bad.

Brandi said...

That is so funny!

Amara said...

Isn't that the writer's prerogative(to make it the best story possible)? I know it couldn't be exaggerated much though because they don't cancel school here for ANYTHING. I feel kinda vindicated 'cause I took my kids out anyway to go stay with family and they were all bummed about missing parties and stuff. Just got home last night and Christmas is already over?! So I'm catching up on blogs like normal :)