Monday, November 1, 2010

Neighborhood Halloween Haunt

What started out as a Mississippi Halloween tradition (thanks to the Joyners)
has now become a Utah tradition.  It was one of the first "get-togethers" we did after we first moved to our current home.  
So Much Fun.
We decided to make it an annual event.
Last year we were out of town the week before Halloween and we totally missed out.
So, we wanted to make sure we were in on the action.  
Amara and I decided to co-host a Halloween Party.  Good Idea.  
We put Summer and Tia in charge.  Another good idea.
Here are Amara and Tia (L) and Kelli and Summer (R)

 Above is the donut eating contest.  
I don't think Sierra is supposed to be using her hands.
(Note to self:  next time do not buy 12 dozen donuts.  
There will be enough junk on hand that most people will NOT want to participate more than once!!
Although a good hostess wants to be sure to always have enough donuts.)

The food was great--of course, it was at Amara's!

And unlike our Street of Treats weather, the party weather the week before was perfect.
Well, except for the clouds.
We wanted to be outside because it was a full moon and Ari had just gotten her telescope.
But the clouds covered the moon most of the night so no luck with star gazing.
But we did have the donut contest outside.
Amara had set up a hot chocolate bar outside that was fantastic.  Too bad we didn't get a better shot!
There were also candles around the yard in various class containers.
I think that since I cannot recycle my glass locally yet, I will save my glass jars and use them around the yard for candles for the next neighborhood party that we have.  It was totally cool.

Seriously, the hardest part (well besides the costumes, food, decorations, and planning...)
was the guest list.
We kind of left it up to the girls and then looked it over.
There would have been about 40 kids if we hadn't whittled it down a bit.
We just closed our eyes and crossed off a few names and called it good.
Thanks to all of the fun people who did come and participate.
So Much Fun.
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Amara said...

Man. You HAVE been busy posting! Sorry I haven't checked til now. I hope I gave you credit for co-hosting on my blog. If not I'm so sorry --you did so much work. Thanks for helping create a great memory.