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June 11, 2011

Index: Utah Valley Marathon

June 11, 2011
Are you in?  
I am.

Rick is registered for the full marathon.  I am doing the half marathon.  There is also a 5K.
You have until March 11 to sign up and then the price increases.  
Find out more here.

So, 12 week training starts on March 21.  I use this training schedule.  It worked great for me last year.  You can choose between novice, intermediate, advanced or walk.  I chose intermediate last year even though it was my first half marathon.  And I started at week 5 or 6 because I had already been running for about 3 weeks (although I was running 3/4 times a week for about 3/4 miles at sea level).  But it worked.
AND just so you know.  People DO walk a half marathon. or a full marathon.  And they do it fast.  I know this because I followed a walker for 5 miles down Hobblecreek last summer.  The only reason I passed her is because at the 5 mile mark, she stopped at the port-a-potty.
Now, just so we're clear...I'm not recruiting anyone to train with me in that we will be getting up at 6 am for a daily run.  However, if we are on the same training schedule, I would love to check on you and you check on me and encourage each other.  That's what Amara and I did last spring and it was great.  I knew she would call me or email me when she did her run and then I would report on my training run.  It was awesome.  I am pretty sure I would not have made it without Amara.

So, ask for running shoes for Christmas and let's do this.


Jacobson Five said...

It is tempting. I will have to think about it.
However Kelli, you have run 2 half marathons...I think it is time you up your game.

Amara said...

That's what I think. If you train for the full....I'll do it. OK, I said it. My foot may break in half completely, but then, yours already did and you're still going right?