Monday, September 20, 2010

Thrifty Thrifty

A few weeks ago there was a giant yard sale fundraiser for a boy in our area who was killed in a roll-over accident at the high school. The lady that teaches swim lessons to my kids lives in the same neighborhood as this family. She sent out an email to all of her swim families asking for donations to the yard sale. We took some things from Scofield and a few things from our closets. We stopped by on the morning of the yard sale to check things out and support this family. We found this dingy, dusty shelf. I thought it would make a good little shelf to stick in the storage room and store my fabric and other sewing supplies.
I decided to spray paint it.
And now I love it.
And I don't want to stick it in the storage room.
I stuck the picture and the other little knick knacks on it to see how it looks.
I really LOVE it.


Carroll Family said...

I really do love projects like that! Wish we lived closer!!! Looks great - where are you going to put it now?

Amara said...

It's amazing what paint can do. I'm slowly getting converted back to color. I've been painting everything black or dark brown for the last century or so. Whew. I thought this was the spinning post. Peaches are done, but I'm now running on two nights in a row of 4 hrs. sleep with no nap. Woo hoo!