Friday, September 10, 2010

Conversations with Cole

A little background info...
Last weekend, Rick and Summer participated in a little SCUBA adventure. One of the neighbors in Scofield had capsized his boat and lost all of his gear and almost lost his boat and his life, for that matter. He was distraught about losing all of his "stuff" so he called Rick and asked Rick if it was possible to dive and look for his gear. So, Rick called a few of his diving friends and arranged for a dive.
Unfortunately there was a lot of wind and the visibility was only about 4 inches. No treasures were found. And poor little Summer didn't even get to dive.

well, a few days later Cole and Rick had the following conversation:

Cole: "Dad, you know when you went diving for Charlie's stuff?"

Dad: "Yes, Cole"

Cole: "Well, did you find any treasures, you know like skeletons or skulls or anything?"

Dad: "uhhh, no Cole."

Cole: "Oh. That's sure too bad..."

(do you think the kid has seen too much Scooby Doo or what???)

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Amara said...

OK, I love him. He was so cute today. I'm standing in the entry, and he stays with me just to make conversation. I always feel like he thinks of me as a friend. A big old, scary lady friend I guess.