Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Old House...Final Edition

This is the bedroom. this furniture might look familiar to some of you.
Rick and I got this bed and dresser when we first got married.
We were trying to think how many times this bed has been taken apart and moved.
It has to be at least 20.
And it's still solid as a rock.
The Living Room:
Complete with the deer head.
And our Hurricane Katrina salvaged couch and chairs.

And the Kitchen...
We chose the yellow cabinet color and then while we were at Ikea looking for counter tops, we saw the back splash with the blue stripes. So, we matched the wall color to the blue in the backsplash. The shelves above the sink, the hooks, and the magnetic strips all came from Ikea.
This view of the window wall shows the original wall paper that was in the house.
We decided to leave it for now. Mostly because I feared that once we started tearing wallpaper off the wall it would lead to at least 4 more projects. I'm pretty certain that wallpaper is currently holding the entire house together.
If anyone else is opposed to the wallpaper,
I have no issues at all with letting it go.
Just be assured that I will NOT be participating in any more projects for a very long while. maybe ever.


Carroll Family said...

Looks great!!!

Amara said...

Yeah right. You THINK you won't be participating, and then you're in the middle of it. Witness Mapleton carnival for example!