Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa

A few years before my Grandpa Dalton died, he moved to Sandy to live at the Crosslands Retirement Community.
This picture was probably taken about 1990.
Melinda (my cousin) called and asked me to drive up to Sandy and go to the 50's party with Grandpa. She wore her faded, pegged 501's and loafers.
I had my bobby socks and pony tail.
I don't remember much about the party at all.
But I do remember trying to get the camera timer to work so that we could take this picture. We laughed and laughed. I hadn't seen Grandpa laugh that hard in a long time.

Morgan Leon Dalton was born May 27, 1910 in Circleville, Utah
to Morgan Pedon Dalton and Ida Dalley, one of 10 children.
Grandpa died in Pleasant Grove, Utah on September 18, 1997.
(just 5 weeks after Summer was born. Summer was named after his wife, Grandma Ethel. I still believe that Grandpa lived just long enough to meet Summer--I will try to find those pictures!)

Summer and I have been busy getting the yard and garden ready this spring. One thing that we have done is to spray paint some faded lawn furniture. Every time I spray paint anything, I think of Grandpa Whitey. He must have had shelves of spray paint, in every color imaginable.
He painted everything:
the various bikes and trikes that he fixed up
the garage doors
she shed
the lawn furniture
the ramp he built to use to fix cars
the chicken coop
the grass
the cat
his old blue truck

His favorite things were paint, fertilizer and pruning sheers!
Happy Birthday Grandpa

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Tia and Amara said...

the cat? awesome. That was my motto for my first ten-twelve years of marriage. I could throw it out...but maybe I'll just paint it!