Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sierra can crochet

Sierra has been learning how to crochet. For a while she made lots and lots and lots of flowers (like the ones on the sides of these slippers).
Then she moved on to a more complicate project.
The only problem is that they are not EXACTLY the same size.
Maybe our next step should be learning to actually read crochet patterns (which by the way is something I did not learn to do until just a few years ago, thanks to Laura Lyon).


Jason said...

Does Sierra get her craftiness from her Aunt Brandi?

Jason said...

Why does the last comment say it is from Jason, it is actually from her crafty aunt Brandi.

Jess said...

way to go Sierra! Once you learn to read patterns, you can make anything you want to. I taught myself how to read patterns. I love to crochet!

Kristine said...

Too CUTE!!! I wish I could crochet something other than scarves (ie. straight lines).