Sunday, January 31, 2010

Volcanoes National Park

A few more pictures from Volcanoes:
this was the inside of a lava tube. there is one section where it is lighted.
then you can exit or you can continue on if you have a flashlight. You can go for several hundred yards and then turn off your light and be in COMPLETE darkness.

Here we are in complete darkness:
We had no idea where we were looking until Rick snapped the picture. It took him a few tries to know which direction to point the camera since it was so dark. The first few tries weren't the best. Cole is still trying to find out how to turn on his flashlight.

We didn't really want to stay in the lava tube for very long because all around us we could see with our flashlights where big chunks of rock had fallen out of the ceiling and landed on the path.


The first day that we were at the National park, the visitors center was closed because the fumes from the volcano were up in the dangerous levels. So, we headed a little closer to the volcano where the winds were blowing a different direction and it was safe to get out and look around.
Unfortunately, there is currently no visible lava flow, you know where the hot lava is snaking down the mountain, destroying everything is its path and dropping into the ocean in a big dramatic display of fire and steam. darn.

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Carroll Family said...

SO COOL!!! I would love to see a volcano!!!