Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photo of the day

Today we went to church in Waimea. We were a little bit early, at least according to Mormon Standard Time. We sat near the front. After we were settled in to our seats, I looked to the front and noticed a young man playing the piano. He was playing Praise to the Man and a few other well known hymns. At first I thought that it was similar to my own ward where they have called some of the Youth in the ward to play the piano/organ. Then, I realized that he didn't have any music in front of him and I pointed this out to Rick and Summer. As the bishopric member got up to conduct, the piano stopped playing and the pianist got up to take his seat. Someone stepped up to help him and I noticed that he was blind. Tears came to my eyes and the music that he had been playing seemed even more beautiful to me than it had before.
And if that weren't enough, when it was time for the Sacrament, this young man stood up with the other deacons to pass the sacrament. He reached for the arm of another young man and together they passed the sacrament.
With as many kids as were in that chapel, the Sacrament part of the program was amazingly quiet and spiritual. I could even hear the ceiling fans spinning high above the congregation. All 20 of them. I think we need to have a ward fund raiser at home and install ceiling fans. It was amazing.
And the last thing that I noticed was the love that filled that room. It is hard to describe, but I could definitely feel it. People were there early, shaking hands, checking on each other, hugging and laughing. It was neat to observe people that you don't know who are looking out for each other. Lots of people said hi to us, shook our hands, and asked us if we were visiting or staying. I replied, "Visiting." Rick replied, "Staying!"


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How sweet is that.

Tia and Amara said...

We looked at houses when we were there --we wanted to stay too! Enjoy every minute of it for me please (and I'm still waiting for your report JK)