Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Quilt for Cole

Cole has this blanket that I made for his last year that he calls his "Tractor Blanket". It's the perfect size for a little boy, but not really warm enough for this super cold weather that we are experiencing. He keeps getting cold in the night and climbing into bed with me. He rubs his icy cold toes up and down my legs and it is DRIVING ME NUTS!!

I have tried every blanket in the house and he doesn't like any of them. I asked him what blanket he wanted to use to keep warm and he asked me to make him a blanket. WHAT? Do you know what time of the year it is?
I asked him what color he wanted and he said...yellow. Perfect because the color of his walls in his bedroom is yellow.

Then he said he wanted it to have mini excavators on it. Awesome. I'm sure that there are a ton of fabric lines that feature yellow mini excavators.

The top picture is the inspiration for the quilt I wanted to make. My mom gave it to me when Cole was born. The colors are perfect, the only problem is that it is tiny and it doesn't feature mini excavators. But I used it to match the fabric colors that I was looking for. The second picture is what I came up with to make the quilt. I didn't find mini excavators, but I did find a series with tractors and dump trucks that was in the right color scheme and not too obnoxious. Some of the fabric I had on hand, some came from my mom, some came from the Corn Wagon and a few others (with the tractors) came from the Cotton Shop in Provo. I can't wait for the kids to go to bed at 6 pm for the next week so that I can get this little baby finished by Christmas!!

Here are the first few blocks that I made last night to make sure they would turn out the right size.
**Special thanks to Audrey for making a trip to Walmart and picking up my quilting template that I had paid for and didn't make it home with. I owe ya!!


Carroll Family said...

That's really funny that he won't sleep with anything else! I love the fabric you picked - wish I could come help - I want to make us a picnic levi quilt and can't seem to get to it :) Good luck!

Tia and Amara said...

You've always got something great to work on. I don't know what's up --my blogger thing isn't updating with your posts!