Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Herlevi Family Christmas Party Highlights...

The menu: soup in bread bowls. We had 3 to chose from: Pork Chile Verde (mine), clam chowder, and chicken noodle. Yum. Salad. and a cake from Southern Living (always a good choice). The table was beautiful. But, as usual, we were too hungry to stop and take some pictures.
Cole was in charge of the cracker plate. He decided to make a tower with the Ritz. Whatever. It kept him occupied for a while...
We draw names with the adults and everyone gives a $10 gift. Jason got gloves
Kyoko got bath stuff.
Waino got a history book

It was Grandma Bette's birthday as well. Rick had her name for the Christmas gift exchange. We had picked up a couple of vintage Pyrex bowls at one of the antique stores in MT a few months ago. They were part of a set that she had started collecting. We were pretty excited to find them for her.
She also got showered with Birthday gifts.
Kristine got a chest to keep her treasures in.

Kristine gave Cole a Thomas lunch box filled with snacks. I can't really believe it, but he still has some snacks left. And he hasn't put the box down for 3 days.
Sierra got a snowglobe. She collects them.
Rick got some tools. Perfect. He can help Santa put some stuff together.

And, because I was the one taking pictures there is no documentation of my gift. So, I will leave you hanging until I can get outside tomorrow and take some pictures of my recycled Christmas gift. There's a story...

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Tia and Amara said...

Cole likes Thomas? Kai just decided he was done with the Dvd movie --I was so surprised. I thought that was his favorite. Guess not. Want a movie? Oh --speaking of movies, "Lost in Austin" hilarious. A lot like that Shannon Hale book. We oughtta have a girl movie night.