Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun in Fairview

So last week when we were in the mountains for a few days we decided we needed a change of scenery and did the "over the top" drive.  that means we left Scofield and headed west, up to Skyline drive and down into Fairview.  Then South through Sanpete County.  Since I already seem to be in a sentimental mood, I'll tell you how it makes me feel when I take that drive.  It reminds me of my dad.  He had a cabin near Fairview at Skyline Mountain Resort.  Every time we come down out of Fairview canyon, it just reminds me of him.  One time (I think I was pregnant with Sierra, so that would be 9 years ago)  I helped my dad at his cabin one week.  We were tiling the bathroom.  He was cutting tile with my mom and I was laying the tile in the bathroom.  We only had one little mess up but it was behind the toilet.  I was quite proud of our little bathroom.  It was fun to hang out and work side by side with my dad.  I spent 13 years working side by side with him at Arctic Circle and it was fun to do that under different circumstances.  When we were done with the job, Dad drove "over the top" back to Scofield to drop me off where Rick and Summer were waiting for me.  I remember that drive and just chit chatting with my dad.  One specific thing that I remember is that we heard on the radio that Ricks College in Rexburg would become BYU-Idaho.  I have no idea why I remember that little detail.  But you know how you remember things like "Where I was when I heard Michael Jackson died...(dropping off a load of grass at the compost place in Provo)...?  Well, I will always remember where I was when I found out the great news about BYU-Idaho.  I was in Fairview with my dad.  hum, funny, the little details, how they stick out in my mind...
Back to the real story.  Last week we stopped at a few little antique stores and gift shops on our drive.  The last stop was this place in Fairview:

It's called the Corner Station.  They have been open for 10 months and business is doing well.  It is similar to Funfunity in Springville, the Imagination Station in Flint, or that other cool store at Dogwood Festival Market by Old Navy in Flowood.  But we all decided that this one tops them all.  The kids loved it.  We let them each pick out one little thing for being good kids on the drive and for getting their jobs done during the week.  I got a couple of little things, too. And the best thing of all was one of those mobiles of the planets that was marked 50% off.  I'm all about bribery so we told the kids that if they get their jobs done for the next month or so, we'll take them back to the Corner Station in Fairview to choose another item.  They have tons of EEBOO brand games and toys, Melissa & Doug stuff, books, jewelry, antiques, homemade gifts and much more.  I'm sure it will help the jobs get done around here, and I'm always happy to help out the little guy and spend my money at the small town, mom and pop businesses.  I think you all should bribe your kids and visit the Corner Station in Fairview. 
See that cardboard box in the bottom picture?  It had a little had written note on it that said, "Take me, I'm free and your kids will have hours of fun with this free box."

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Merrills said...

Hi Kelli! We love Fairview and bought a cabin lot in Fairview Lakes Estates a couple of years ago. Someday (hopefully soon) it will have a cabin on it. Anyway, we love eating at the Home Plate diner when we are there. Have you been? My kids love it!