Thursday, June 26, 2014

Japanese Party

Jason and Kyoko returned from Japan and brought home some goodies.
Also, Kyoko's sister and husband are visiting for a few weeks from Japan.
So, we had a party at Jason & Kyoko's house to celebrate and open a few gifts from Japan.

Sierra is thrilled with her origami making supplies

And who doesn't love a cute HelloKitty manicure kit?

Lillie loves her HelloKitty kimono.
I have to admit that I practically cried when she put on this cute little outfit.
Summer (and later Sierra) had a cute little outfit just like this when they were about 2.
Would someone just make them stop growing up??  It's making me crazy.

Kyoko's sister is showing everyone a picture of her grand baby.

Glad to see a table full of yummy food for our "cheat meal"

This is one picky kid, but he'll eat sushi.  I don't get it.

Time for cake.  It was a contest to see who would get to blow out the candles.

 Then we thought it would be a good idea to get a picture of the grandkids.
This was the first try.  I think we should have just been happy with the first try...

things just got more and more crazy.

not too bad...

We tried to take a "goofy" picture and this is the best they could do.
I think all together we tried about 20 times.  

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Amara said...

My Dad tried to take a picture of "all of the grandkids" at my sister's wedding. They ended up taking around 20, and photoshopping all of the heads. Yeah, you could tell.