Monday, November 5, 2012

fall break

Rick has had to pick up some extra shifts at work--
Not by his choice but because of a vacancy in their group.
And the way the schedule works out and the shifts that needed to be filled, it left Rick working a TON the last couple months, including a 10 day period where he worked 9 of those days.
It was a killer.
Thankfully, fall break fell right smack in the middle of Rick's 10 day vacation.
Boy, was that lucky and boy oh boy, we all needed that break.
so, we headed to St. George.  Here are a few pic's of the R&R:

 This is Classic Cole.
1.  Because he LOVES the monkey bars...
2.  Because his zipper is down.
 no wonder I have so many wrinkles.  I am always squinting.  Even when I wear sun glasses.
 Rick gave the kids a big spin in the tire swing.  I thought they were going to puke.
 It was good to just play with Cole.  We've had a rough few months...
 St. George has the best sunsets ever.  I can't get enough of them
And what's a trip to St. G without a visit to Veyo pies?

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Amara said...

Looks like Cole's worried you're going to snag his pie! The sunsets have been amazing lately here too.