Sunday, July 22, 2012

who needs 7 peaks...

My brother sure knows how to throw a party...
Mr. Party
Heading up the ladder.  Grandma Nan thought it looked like a good idea...
Grandma Nan.  Don't you love the look on her face?
Cole catching some air
Lanny and Gage
Grandma Nan, BryBry and some grandkids
Taking a break for some BBQ.
Even though we kinda had food assignments, we still ended up with 4 different desserts.
We know how to party.
Grandma Nan and her grandkids (in age order--4 girls, then 5 boys.  We like to keep things organized)
This is one of about 20 photos.  And not one of them had all eyes on the camera!
We thought it would be fun to get one at the other end of the slide...then it collapsed.
Rescuing the injured.  And yes, I just stood there and took more pictures.
Then we needed one with Nan and her darling children.
Lanny wanted us all to flex.
Oops, not focused.
Nan tells us to get closer together.
Then Nan takes off her glasses and put them down her shirt.  Brandi is irritated.
Smile Everyone.  I think we got it.


Amara said...

My mom sent me another article about how kids need to play outside more. I think I'm inspired to buy a slip n slide now.

Ryan and Amber said...

May I just publicly comment on grandma Nan's tan? Seriously that woman knows how to make a girl feel WHITE! Y'all are awesome