Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm a hermit

We ventured out to the big city (that would be PROVO) on Saturday.  We saw a movie...Puss in Boots.  It was good.  Good enough.  Good enough that I almost didn't fall asleep.  Ran some errands.  got some gas.     Then we ended up at Sam's Club.  We needed milk.  And vegetables.  And samples.  Oh, the people.  People everywhere.  Traffic everywhere.  I came home.  Took some ibuprofen.  And checked my Amazon Prime Account.  I discovered that my account was to expire that very day.  So, I renewed my Amazon Prime Membership and vowed to never leave the house again until some time in January.  Maybe February if the weather is bad.
I'm serious about the Amazon Prime thing.

Here is the costs like $79 ish.

I do all of my shopping on Amazon.  Mostly.  In the past year I have bought such things as books, emergency kit thermal sleeping bags, flax seed, zone bars, 1 gallon of Elmer's glue for $7.00, bakers twine, and the list goes on.

If I purchase something that is "Prime" then I get free 2-day shipping with most products and no minimum purchase.

Every time I go to make a purchase, I always "Price Check" against Amazon.  9 times out 10, Amazon is the better deal.

And I can preorder new releases and they will arrive on my door step the very day that they come out.    And they will charge the lowest price available from the time I preorder until the time it ships.  I got a .01 credit for the last book I preordered because the price dropped a penny from when I placed my order.  So totally worth it.

Rick bought my Christmas present last year from Amazon.  (Camera).  The lens cover wasn't opening very well and with time, it kept getting worse.  I went to the amazon page, printed a copy of my receipt, a copy of the warranty, and a shipping label.  I took my camera to the Post Office and a couple of weeks later my camera came back.  All fixed and good as new.  All I had to pay was the $9 postage.

I'm pretty sure that I got my money's worth in the past 12 months for the Amazon Prime membership.  Although I'm sure some people purchase way more than I did and really take advantage of that 2-day shipping.  You can sign up for automatic shipments (diaper delivery) and all sorts of fun stuff.

So, if you are not sure about doing the amazon thing, ask me.  I'll convince you.  Or you can try it for 30 days for free.  Just don't forget to cancel, that's how they get ya!

And if you do shop on Amazon, could you do me a favor and click through from the Mapleton Elementary School Website.  The PTA will get 4 to 7 % of all of the sales that click through from their page.  Awesome.  Thanks.

Here is the link to the Mapleton Elementary PTA.  Then just look for the Amazon arrow...

At least I'm not begging you all to buy stupid wrapping paper, right?

So, no Black Friday shopping for me.  I will be in my PJ's.  Eating pumpkin pie leftovers.  Or whatever.  But, I will not be at a mall.  or Walmart.  or anywhere crazy.  thanks amazon.


Brandi said...

Sounds good to me!

Carroll Family said...

I TOTALLY agree!!!!!! We accidentally ended up on Prime because I forgot to cancel after the trial period, but I totally LOVE it!!! There are little perks, too, like the streaming shows and movies (haven't used that yet). But, I love the fast shipping and great prices. I always shop amazon first - most of my Christmas comes that way :)

Amara said...

i know I know. I so need to do that. We buy tons of stuff from Amazon.

Kristine said...

Amazon prime is the best! Oh & there are now tons of books that you can borrow for your kindle if you have Amazon Prime.