Friday, November 4, 2011

staples and a competition

 Cole loves his tools.
Last week he found my little multitool pocket knife thing that I took to girls camp.
I let him poke holes in my big black x-ray machine costume all afternoon.
Rick was at work and I texted him that we would probably be visiting him something during his shift because I was letting Cole play with a pocketknife.  
It turned out OK.  No blood at all.

Another "tool" that Cole loves is this:
He stapled together all of my note cards, scrap paper, grocery lists, bills, book covers, newspaper ads, and any other paper item he could find in the house.  
He gave Rick and I our own stack of stapled notecards and told us they were books for us to draw pictures in.

In other news...
We are in the thick of the "box tops" war at school.
Cole's teacher won last year for having his class collect the most box tops.
Nothing like healthy competition because Cole has caught the fever and thinks that every meal should include something that came from a box with a "box top".
So, if you have any of these guys sitting on your shelves,
Send them to Cole!!

1 comment:

Amara said...

Ari always got into the box tops too, and we NEVER have any! She really felt gypped.