Monday, June 29, 2009

spring garden

These are my irises.  i think that they are beautiful.  well, at least for a few weeks in the spring. 

They all came from my mom's yard.  she gave them to me because they weren't blooming very well.   When she saw them in my yard this spring, she wanted them back.

I will be thinning them out soon.  They are getting too thick.  They are also starting to crowd out the tomatoes, tomatillos and squash that are planted in front of them.  If you want any of them (and you know who you are, Amara) come and get them.  I tried to include these pictures so that kind of, maybe you can tell which colors you are getting.  If we're home, great.  If not, dig in, just be nice to the tomatillos.  And speaking of tomatillos...I was so careful to plant tomatillos seeds in the basement window this spring so that I could get a head start.  I so LOVE the tomatillo salsa I made last year.  I babied my little seedlings all spring.  They looked so pathetic when it was time to move them to the garden.  And what do you know, tomatillos are coming up like weeds out in the garden where I had them growing last year.  I am actually pulling them out to thin them and make room for the things I actually planted out there.  that figures.   
And I have lots of tomato blossoms.  I'm really pleased with the way my tomatoes are looking at this point.  I have about 20 plants.  I hope we get lots and lots of tomatoes, especially the yellow, white and stripey ones.  I probably have about 10 different varieties of tomatoes.  whaahoo. 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heber Valley Camp

Summer and I just got home from girls camp.  The theme was "Sent to Succeed".  It rained about 90% of the time and when it wasn't raining the wind was blowing.  I was pretty irritated with the weather, but now that I'm warm and dry I realize what a great week we had.  I was a cabin leader for the first year girls.  there was one other leader and 12 adorable girls.  some quiet and some not so quiet. 

Utah Valley Marathon

Today was the big day...Rick ran his first official marathon.  His time was about 4:18, I don't know for sure.  that comes out to about a 10 minute mile.  He is a little sore and it looks like he'll lose a toe nail, but besides that he feels great.  (tomorrow might be a different story!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hobble Creek Canyon

We went on a little Sunday afternoon bike ride and found ourselves up Hobble Creek Canyon at a campground called jolley's ranch.  It was fun.  The ride down was great.  There is one really big hill going down.  Rick was pulling Cole in the bike trailer.  He always makes sure that he is far enough in the lead that I cannot see how fast he goes down the hill.  He did tell me that when they got down with the hill, Cole said, "wow, I did not like that."