Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Day of School 2014

School started on August 19.  
Summer had to wear her student council t-shirt to school, so she was holding up her dress--her official first day of school outfit.

Last first day of school for this girl.  It makes me crazy to think about that.

8th grade for Sierra.  Last year of "grades not counting".

Here is a view of her cute new backpack.

And this guy.  I have been dreading this day for him. 
And, well, it just wasn't all that bad.  He had met his teacher the week before and he liked her a lot.
This year has not been anything like that past 2 years.  Everything has been smooth.
Prayers for us that the entire school year continues as well.

He even let me pose with him.

I usually walk him to school or drive him to school.
If I'm in the car, he'll still stop and kiss me goodbye.
He's a good kid and he's doing so well this year.

Picture with dad.  Isn't he getting tall?

And here is Shelby with us before her big day.  
She headed off to St. George to begin college at Dixie.
We're so proud of our honorary daughter.  She'll do great!!

Best Friends.

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Amara said...

Oh I wish I did those pictures! I never do. Tell Sierra I like the backpack (were those popular at your high school too? So many fashions making the cycle back). I will pray for Cole.