Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Family History Project

I read about this project a few weeks ago and I've been trying to decide if I can/will be able to accomplish it.
I think I'll give it a try!
This is what I want to do…
Each month I have picked an ancestor that I want to focus on and learn more about.
Some of them, like my dad, I know a lot about.  Others, I know very little about, like some of Rick's grandparents.
So, I have chosen 6 of my ancestors and 6 of Rick's ancestors and assigned them to alternating months.
Each month we will gather stories and pictures of the ancestor, display pictures, read stories, and share memories of that particular ancestor. 
 Then, hopefully, we will have enough information to put together into a book and keep for my kids.

Here is the list of ancestors and their assigned month.  I assigned them months according to life events, like birthdays, or death days.  And I alternated between our 2 families each month.
I am happy to share the things that I gather, but would really love any input, pictures, stories, etc. from others, as well.
Here are the ancestors…

January:  Ethel Norton Dalton
February:  John Jalmer /Her Love E/
March:  Kent Norman Robison
April:  Zelda Sperry
May:  Morgan Leon Dalton
June:  Lillie Susana Jarvi /Her Love E/
July:  Norman Adelbert Robison
August:  Clead Blackett
September:  Faye Barney Robison
October:  Fred Edgar Hill
November:  William Adelbert Robison
December:  Uncle Dick

The pictures above are some of my favorites.  I hope to collect a few more to get scanned and onto my computer.  But, even better, I would love to get some of them printed up and displayed in my home.

So, we're starting with Grandma Ethel.  
Her birthday is January 11 and she would be 98 years old this year.  
Watch for more stories and pictures to come this month to celebrate Grandma Ethel.

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Amara said...

I love the sledding one (looks like It's a Wonderful Life) and the lamby one. So cute with the bottle feeding. Nothing like pictures.