Sunday, February 24, 2013


Poor kid, we totally had him convinced that we had forgotten his birthday.
He might need therapy...

Just wanted to record a few of the Cole -isms...
Cole loves to snuggle.  And I love to snuggle with Cole.  Especially when Rick is at work late at night.
One night I couldn't snuggle with him so he asked, "Is Summer available?"

A few days ago Cole asked me if I have always been the oldest in my family or if someone else was the oldest.

Said in a Mexican Restaurant in St. George in January..."It's like people walking up into your mouth."
(Maybe you had to be there to see the actions, but we couldn't stop laughing)

"I just burped out air."

"When I'm old like dad, well young, but still old."

"I just love Christmas songs. They're so jolly.  Whatever that means."

"When the zombies come I'm just gonna go up and yak at them.  Then if I don't have a gun, I'll just punch them."


Kristine said...

Oh I love that kid! I can't wait to move back & experience more Cole-isms.

Amara said...

Walking up into your mouth? Awesome! By yak does he mean...? That's what I thought. great idea.