Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zenos Hill

OK, so technically I'm not really supposed to know anything about this story. So, technically I shouldn't be sharing it. So, don't tell anyone who will care. Because I think this is too cool not to share. plus, I don't know the name of the person so it should be OK.

Rick met a person at his place of work, after lots of hours of being at his place of work, this sweet old lady (I can say old because we think she is about 86) started talking to Rick. She is from Fountain Green. (Sanpete County--my future place of residence, maybe) Rick had to quickly text me and ask me what his Grandfather Hill's first name was who was from Fountain Green. (Rick's not too great with names, even relatives) Rick asked if she knew his grandfather and she did not. So, Rick texted me back to ask the name of his Great Grandfather Hill. She didn't remember him either.
She did know Rick's Great Great Grandfather. And the funny thing is that Rick remembered his name and therefore did not need to text me to ask for it.

This sweet little lady would have been about 14 when Zenos Hill died. She remembered him because her dad cut his hair.
And maybe she remembered him because he was a full Ute Indian:

This is what I know about this man:
He was born in one of the canyons of Sanpete County in 1855.
Some Mormon settlers were moving into the area under the direction of Brigham Young.
They came across some Ute Indians.
A mother had died in childbirth or shortly after.
There were 2 babies--a boy and a girl.
The babies were to be killed since the mother was no longer alive to care for them.
The girl was taken by some white people and may have ended up in Idaho.
The boy was taken by white people to Fountain Green and raised by the Hill Family.
(other descendants are the Yorgasons who are Mormon authors and have written about this in more detail, I'm just not yet sure where).
Zenos Hill was married 20 June, 1875 in Fountain Green
and died 9 September, 1938 in Fountain Green.

It still just seems so weird that Rick would bump into someone who knew his Great Great Grandfather.
Do you notice any family resemblance?
me either.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pack Meeting Picnic Style

For our pack meeting this month, we had a BBQ.
We had gotten kicked out of our usual location because the carpets were being cleaned.
I spent all week doing the yard and cleaning the house.
I'm not sure why.
But, at least it got done.
We had a very successful turnout.
Our den leaders are doing a good job.
And if you tell people there will be food, they will usual come.
Rick grilled the hot dogs, parents and leaders brought food.
We had an awards ceremony.
We made marshmallow shooters.
We ate desert.
Then I turned on the switch for the rain.
It rained for about 30 seconds.
That was just enough rain for everyone to grab their stuff and run.
And now I am headed to bed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Camp director Sadie and her new assistant Kelli:
I have a new calling...
Assistant Camp Director.
Apparently I was just to darn much fun last month at Girls Camp and they wanted to guarantee another good time.
I just think it's funny that I had to sort of beg to get to girls camp and the next thing you know, I'm committed.
I was hoping for a little bit more hands on with the YW and a little less hands on with the Cub Scouts, but Oh well. I'll take what I can get.
So watch out for Girls Camp 2012.

Monday, July 26, 2010

PWD Makeover

This was Hooee when we were at Capitol Reef.

This is Hooee now.
I wish I could get a haircut and look like I "lost" 20 pounds.
Thankfully, Hooee is outgrowing the puppy stage.
He LOVES to run through the sprinklers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what you don't see

I had a conversation a few days ago with a friend/neighbor about how we (women/moms) tend to compare ourselves to others. but, it seems that we usually are comparing our worst to others best. She said that she had talked to other friends/neighbors that feel that there is a lot of competition going on. Well, it must be kind of like my 1/2 marathon a few months ago: I'm so far behind in the race that I don't even know there is a competition. I don't really feel pressure to be a certain way, or do a certain thing. If anything, I am inspired by the achievements of those around me (and in the blogging world). I don't really feel pressure from outside. For me, it's the expectations that I set for myself that cause me to feel overwhelmed or underachieving.
My friend (from Kirksville, now in AZ) posted something about this on her blog a while back. (And BTW, this gal has 6 kids, gardens, cans fruit and veggies, quilts, scrapbooks, and does lots of other impressive things.) It is called "What you don't see" and you can read it here.

So, just to make you all feel better, I thought I would give you a glimpse of my kitchen right now. Just be glad you didn't get a view of the laundry room, bathroom, or the kitchen sink.
You are welcome.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hell's Backbone

Yep, it's pretty much as bad as it sounds.
We all decided to take a little afternoon drive.
We swapped Sierra for Halle just to mix things up a bit.
Jason led the way, however, he was just enough ahead of us to lose us when he rounded a bend and pulled into a scenic pullout as we zipped right on past him and on towards the beautiful town of Escalante--about 60 miles down the road. We could not figure out how we were not catching up to him. It was the craziest thing. When we finally ran out of gas as we pulled into Escalante, we noticed a brown sign and an arrow with the words: Hell's Backbone. It pointed to a little dirt road. We decided to take that route back to camp.
I'm sure glad we did. We saw some awesome sights.
(And we dealt with some car sickness.)
And 3 hours later we made it back to camp.
This is on the actual bridge. I am leaning over Cole because one wrong move and he would be 2,000 feet down the mountain in 2 seconds.
I was holding on to these 2 girls for dear life.


Summer, Halle, Kelli
Hickman Bridge
pit stop on the way to Hickman Bridge

4 wheelin' on Boulder

Torrey, Utah

This is where we stayed for our family reunion.
My aunt and uncle live in Torrey (kind of), just outside the entrance to Capitol Reef National Park.
Shirley Torgerson (my dad's youngest sister)
My aunt and uncle have 4 little cabins on their 160 acre ranch that they rent out.
If you want to know more...
P.O. Box 750130
2323S. Hwy. 12
Torrey, UT 84775

Capitol Reef preview

We had a good time. This was day 1 of Fun, just before our ride on Boulder Mountain.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

to do, to do

This picture has nothing to do with what I have to say, but I thought it was a cute picture.
And what I have to say is:
Where has the Summer gone?
Seriously, the time has to slow down soon because I am not in the mood to put up the Christmas tree any time soon.
I had some yummy peas and potatoes for dinner. That took me back about 30 years.
I had a basement full of younsters today to sew skirts and other fun projects. 4 hours later, we had quite a fashion show. Fun times.
Looked up recipes for pickled beets. They should be ready to can soon.
Summer and Rick got their ham radio licenses in the mail last week.
Our truck has been in the shop 7 times in 8 weeks.
Sierra and Cole completed 2 weeks of swim lessons. They are both turning into fish.
Been to 7 Peaks one time. That pass has not been a bargain so far this summer.
And last but not least...We are heading out of town for a FAMILY REUNION.
I remember as a kid that friends would talk about family reunions and tell all sorts of tales about family get togethers and family traditions. They would wear silly t-shirts. And I was jealous. In 2001, we had a Robison family reunion in Annabella. All of my dad's siblings were there with some of their kids. I had flown in from Michigan just a few days before. We ate, played games, told stories and had a great time. That is the extent of my reunion experience. But that is all about to change. My mom, my brother, my sister, spouses, and kidlings are all headed to the beautiful location of Torrey, Utah and Capitol Reef for our first ever Kent & Nan Nell Robison Family Reunion. The preparations have been taking place for months. OK, maybe weeks. There are fun activities and surprises in store. I am seriously giddy right now. Maybe because I am exhausted from 4H sewing day or mowing the lawn and doing 30 batches of laundry. But still. I have packed the camera, so I will be sure to document this exciting weekend. I just hope the truck decides to cooperate and we make it down there in a timely manner. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pleasant Valley Days

I know everyone is thinking "enough of the Scofield posts". But this is my favorite...
Every summer on the first weekend of July there is an event called Pleasant Valley Days. Pleasant Valley is the name for the area where Scofield Ressevoir is located and included the towns of Scofield and Clear Creek. In the 2000 census the population of Scofield was 28. However, on the weekend of Pleasant Valley Days, the population jumps to about 28,000.
We have been participating in the festivities for several years now and the fun just keeps getting better and better. There are vendors (think of Swiss Days on a slightly smaller scale), parade, Little Miss Pleasant Valley pageant, a spaghetti dinner, a fundraiser breakfast, an auction, a raffle, a talent competition, a dance and fireworks to name a few.
Summer and Sierra have inherited a slightly competitive personality from one or more of their parents and have spent the last several months preparing for competition.
Sierra chose to play the piano for the Little Miss Pleasant Valley Days (ages 8 to 12).
here is her performance...
Summer decided to enter the pageant as well. However, she and Sierra didn't want to be competing against each other so Summer entered the older age group (ages 13 to 18) even though she will be 12 for another month. The song she chose to sing is Regina Spektor from the movie Prince Caspian.

Both girls won first place in their age division. (good thing they didn't have to compete against each other.) And if that wasn't competition enough, Summer also chose to enter the talent show the following day. It was open to all ages (the youngest was a 4 year old tap dancing boy and the oldest was a 40 something singer/songwriter from mapleton). There was an audition during the day. Then the top 10 contestants competed in front of the crowd on Saturday evening.
Summer sang an Ingrid Michaelson song that she has been working on. It was originally written for the ukelele. Summer transposed the music to the guitar by herself.
I am proud to say that Summer won first place and $125. Please thank Tony Basso in Price for supplying the prize money which Summer is contemplating using to purchase a new guitar. It was a super fun weekend.
(Too bad I didn't have my camera to take pictures of the festivities. Luckily the girls had remembered a video camera!!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

At the Cemetary

gathering at the cemetery in Scofield.
placing flowers on the new headstone for Uncle Dick

dedicating the grave

Larry present a case for Uncle Dick's flag from his military service
After the official stuff, we stood around for a few minutes telling stories about Uncle Dick.
The favorite story was when Uncle Dick shot out the window of his brand new truck while trying to shoot at a fox. That story was TOP SECRET until just a few months ago.
Rick and Cole
Bette was telling the story of the first time she met Dick--at a dance.
Uncle Dick loved to dance with the ladies.
I made Rick take a picture of me to document that I was actually in attendance.

We gathered back at the house after the cemetery to visit and snack.
It was a beautiful day.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another story about Poppies...

We were in Mt. Pleasant yesterday for the parade and celebrations. I just love a small town parade (and BTW, if you see a for sale sign and a moving van at my house one of these days, it's because I have up and relocated to Sanpete County. Not really. but, maybe.)
Anyway, after the parade, we were walking back down a side street to the car and we passed a large corner lot with a house that was approximately 100 years old with a beautiful yard. I said to Summer, "Look at all of those beautiful, pale pink poppies. I have never seen poppies in that color." So, Summer ohhhed and ahhhed and walked right up onto the front porch and knocked on the door. A voice from inside faintly called for the visitor to come in. Summer poked her head inside and said, "your yard is beautiful. I really love your poppies." A little old lady that was almost as old as the house that she lived in popped her head into view from an adjoining room. Through her oxygen mask she talked to Summer about her garden. Then Summer politely asked if she could pick one of the seed pods from one of the poppies that had already lost its petals. She was granted permission and excused herself from the home as she thanked her new friend for the seeds. Summer skipped to the side yard and picked a pod and carefully held onto it all of the way back home.

So, Amara, we will have a new color of poppy/weed to add to our annual mix. You can thank Summer when it blooms in a couple of years.

And sadly enough, after taking about 1,500 pictures in that last 4 weeks, I forgot my camera this weekend and do not have photos of the poppies in Mt. Pleasant or the fantastic yard sale that we stumbled upon. The home was for sale, as well as everything in it and the surrounding neighborhood. I scored some fantastic FireKing bowls, Rick got a great vintage Tonka truck and Kris found an Oreo cookie jar that she has been searching high and low for for years. Oh, and they threw in a bracelet for Summer for free. We took a self guided tour through the house and decided that if they would take a trade straight across for our current home, that we wold relocate. didn't happen. oh well.
Have a good rest of the holiday weekend. Pictures to come....