Monday, August 10, 2009

I just bought a book

Undaunted-cover_listI just bought this 800 page book. And not at the thrift store either. Paid full price. I can't wait to read it. I'm not a HUGE fan of the Work and the Glory books.
3909340_listBut I am a huge fan of this book, so I was hoping that the Undaunted is equally as good. When I read the Fire of the Covenant, it took me a while to get into it, but it was one of those I read in like 3 days and finished it, with a box of Kleenex at 3 in the morning. Wowzer.

I have been reading about Gerald Lund and his research and experiences with this book. I'm pretty impressed with all that went into writing this book even though it is fiction. It seems as though Gerald Lund has taken pains to make sure all of the events and details are correct and written in a way that the reader really understands the way the events took place. He does say that it is amazing the way we, as Mormons are so knowledgeable and proud of our pioneer heritage, yet so many of us, especially Utahns know next to nothing of the Hole-in-the-Rock events.
Anways, I hope it's a good book. If not, I think I will go back and read all of the Harry Potter books. Or maybe start the Lord of the Rings series...

The kids are reading Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls.

It's just a Monday

OK, so we had to finish up our health until for school. We had a few random things to do and one of them was to talk about rules. A suggestion was to take photos of different traffic signs and talk about laws and rules and how they apply to each of us. It was fun. And Summer got to use her new camera she got for her birthday...

So, we took all of the pictures and downloaded them to Walmart one hour photo so we could pick them up and make a little photo book for our activity. I decided that it would be OK to do double duty and count some of this stuff for Family Home Evening. I love it when I multitask!! So, for FHE, I talked about the random things we needed to check off the Safety List for Health, like Stranger Danger, fire escape plan, vehicle safety rules, seat belts, how to call 911 and family rules. Rick wrapped up with gun safety. It's something that you always think that you need to teach your kids, but then you never really get around to doing it. Well, we did it tonight. Thanks Rick. Now, we just need to remember to do it again soon so we don't all forget what we learned.

While I was fixing dinner this afternoon Cole came in the kitchen and asked me if he could take the training wheels off his bike and I said, "Not today!" So, he asked Summer if she would take the training wheels off his and and darn her, she did. That over achiever.
So, this was what I saw about 30 minutes later:

And speaking of bike safety, this kid can have his naughty moments, like 3 hours every Sunday Morning from 9 to say, about 12. But, bless his heart...every time he gets on that bike he puts on his helmet. I'm glad he does because that thing is dented in and scraped over every corner of it. I guess I can say that it was money well spent.

And speaking of money well spent...

I thrifted today. It was awesome. The green bowl and orange plates are Fiesta and the little top two are Pyrex refrigerator dishes that match the set of 4 bowls that I have wanted FOREVER and Rick got them for me for Mother's Day this year. So, for $3.50 I got me some good old stuff. Sierra thought the orange plates were adorable and asked me if she could have my Fiestaware when I died. I don't know if that is a complement or she just wants me dead. But, I do know that I have said the same thing to my mother, so I think it is a compliment and it means that I have good junk.

AND, I went to the dr. today and he said my foot is healing perfectly (I've heard that one before), but the pin is not quite ready to come out of my toe. It needs a couple more weeks. I will save the pictures and lengthy explination for another post, since I'm about to outdo myself.
Wow, what a busy day. And I think the peach crisp that is in the oven is about ready so I best be done.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer is 12

I know I'm a little bit late, but the power was out for 4 hours on Summer's birthday and well, I'm just plain slow at getting around to this post. Summer turned 12 on Wednesday.

Here are a few things you may or may not know about Summer:
1. She is the oldest child and therefore she is the peacemaker.
2. Summer loves projects. Her latest projects include modgepodge. I'll leave it at that
3. Summer loves to read. I went with Sierra to Funfinity to buy Summer a book for her birthday and we had a hard time finding a book she hasn't read.
4. Summer talks, a lot.
5. Summer is an awesome swimmer and is certified in SCUBA.
6. Summer is the current Little Miss Pleasant Valley Days Queen in the 11 to 15 age group.
7. Summer talks in her sleep and sometimes sleeps with her eyes open (creepy!)
8. The picture of Summer in the red shorts sitting on the cement bench was taken in Nauvoo at the old temple foundation before the temple was rebuilt. We lived near Nauvoo for 2 years. We attended the temple Ground Breaking and later the Temple Open House. Summer got to see President Hinckley.
9. Summer has visited 30 of the United States.
10. Summer attended 5 different elementary schools.
11. Summer does so much to help her family. I depend on her a lot. Earlier this week, the kids spent the day with Grandma Nan and BK. Grandma mentioned that Summer was a big help and having Summer around is necessary when Cole is visiting. She is a great big sister. Sierra looks up to her a lot, too.
12. Happy 12 Summer. I'm so happy to have you in our family and I am very excited for you to become part of the Young Woman program.