Friday, November 20, 2009

Calculating the harvest

well, the canning season is over. Happy and Sad. The problem with canning is that those darn fruits and vegetables just ripen on their own time and demand to be bottled according to their own schedule with no regard to my schedule.
I thought that I would list all of the things that I canned this year and last. I think it will help me to see how fast we are using up these things and help me decide in the spring what I should be planting.

(Not that the rest of the world even cares about what I planted or harvested, but if I write my own list and put it in a special place where I will always remember it, then I will not find it until Cole graduates from high school. So, I will record it here and will always remember where to find my list...)

Peach Jam 8 pints
strawberry Jam 8 pints
Salsa Verde 24 pints
Tomatoes 5 quarts (and lots of frozen tomatoes)
Jalapeno 4 pints
mustard relish 14 pints
Zucchini relish 8 pints
Jalapeno jelly 10 pints
Tomato Juice 4 quarts
Apricot Nectar 7 quarts

Currant Jelly 3 pints
Grape Jelly 1 pint
Chokecherry Jelly 12 pints
Peach Cranberry conserve 7 pints
Pepper Jelly 3 pints

BBQ sauce 8 pints
Enchalada sauce 7 pints
Salsa (USU version) 4 pints
Salsa (zesty version) 16 pints
Chili sauce 9 pints
Peach Pie filling 10 quarts
Peaches 5 quarts
Honey Spiced Peaches 6 quarts
Plum jelly (syrup) 6 pints

Plus, during the summer of 2009 I filled the top of the freezer with stawberry, raspberry, and mixed berry freezer jam because I prefer eating freezer jam. But, I like to have freezer jam and jam on the shelf because you never know when the power will be out for an extended period of time and you will be forced to eat all of the freezer jam in one week. And then you can sit back and relax because you still have jam on the shelf that won't go bad.

One thing I noticed for both years... NOT ENOUGH HOT PEPPERS!!
Do not plant those nasty pear tomatoes.
Let the cherry tomatoes grow from seed in the area next to the drive-way. They are so yummy.
Do not let more than 5 tomatillo plants grow. They are really just weeds.
Next year...plant carrots and beets in the "tomato row". That has good soil without rocks and will allow the roots to grow nicely.
Do not plant more than 1 zucchini plant. Even if they come in a 3 pack.
Plant more pumpkins.
Plant more indian corn along the back fence.

And last of all pray that the apricots freeze again next spring.

Any other suggestions?


missliss5/Melissa said...

That is sooooooo awesome Kelli!

Carroll Family said...

That is so cool to see it all in one place! I was just thinking the other day that I missed canning something...... I guess I'll have to wait. I didn't know you could freeze tomatoes -what do you do with them? Have you tried growing grape tomatoes? - YUMMY! Even my kids who don't like tomatoes like them! I want to try canning jalepenos and salsa verde. Nobody liked my jalepeno jelly - "that's Martian Blood, mom!"

Leslie said...

Boy do I hear ya on the zucchini.