Monday, September 17, 2012


Fisher is my oldest nephew and he was baptized on Saturday by his Dad, Landon.
Fisher was baptized in Orem at the very same church that I was baptized in 34 1/2 years ago.
And I think they were wearing the very same jumpsuits.
It wasn't a usual Stake Baptism day because it was in the middle of the month.
Fisher's birthday was 9/11 and they allowed him to be baptized right away so that he could attend the Brigham City Temple Broadcast that will be next week.  I think that is cool.
Fisher was the only one being baptized that day so it was an intimate family gathering.
A member of the High Council was conducting and had some really nice things to say about Lanny and his family.  The Stake President was there and also shared some really nice thoughts.
AND there was a member of the General Primary Presidency.  WOW.  big time.
Melinda gave a really good talk and used the example of a hard boiled egg.
Fisher colored on the outside of the egg with crayons, each color representing different sins.
Then Melinda explained how we can be baptized.
That is like peeling the egg and shedding the sins, resulting in a brand new white egg.
But, we can do this over and over again.
Grandma Nan shared her testimony and talked to Fisher/Bryan about how we can use this lessons and apply it to our lives, wiping our sins away and starting over.
She also talked about Papa Kent and how proud he would be to see Fisher be baptized.
I have felt my Dad's influence many times in the last 8 1/2 years.
But, never have I felt his presence as strongly as I did as that ordinance was being performed.
I am absolutely certain that my Dad was there that day among others who have gone before us. 
After the baptism we went to Lanny's house for a brunch.

 The girl cousins.

 Gage is a hoot.  He finished his chocolate milk and then wanted to show everyone.

 Summer and Sierra

 Cole was sneaking a donut.  He will be the next cousin to be baptized.

Then someone asked if Jesus came to the party.  
uhh, no.  that's Bryan.  Not Jesus.
And this is me to the left.  holding an empty box of dunford chocolate cake donuts.

 I told my siblings that one day when I am dead everyone will be glad that I brought my camera.
And forced them to pose.  And flex.

 My favorite part of this picture is my calf muscle.
If you look there you will not notice that my eyes are closed.
And that there is a small animal nesting on my head.

Possibly my favorite one.

I guess she didn't like what I had to say.

The boys were enjoying this as much as the girls.

The 80's called.  They want their glasses back.
And their hair.


Leslie said...

What an awesome day. And I do love the paper cups. ;-) Oh, and the calf muscle.

Jess said...

Looks like you guys have so much fun together. Congrats to Fisher. The baptism sounded wonderful. Uncle Kent would be so proud of ALL of you!

Amara said...

The 80's have also gotten their neon stolen, and their topsiders, and their miniskirts, and and and.... Your family will be glad you had a camera; and that you write these things down. Don't discount that.