Sunday, April 15, 2012

10 day walk with Christ

This is what we gave the girls on Sunday, March 25.  Each paper was a different color and had a different activity/assignment/story/scripture/challenge for the girls to do each day to help them draw closer to Christ.  (I can make a copy if you want one, or you can check Sugardoodle).

 On Day 10, we had our feast.
We started at the YW 1st counselors home.  We ate appetizers and watched a video about filling our lamps with oil.  (no good pictures because I was at MY house getting ready for the feast)
Then, the girls walked down the street to my house where we had a meal prepared for them.

 Here are the lamps that the YW had made at an activity a few weeks earlier.

 Sierra helped me fill the lamps with olive oil.  

 Rolls and pulled pork...
(half-eaten) Salad table...
 We had a really good turnout for this activity.
It was awesome that so many of the girls participated.
Summer said that one of her friends would bring her assignment sheet to school with her each day and work on it during her spare time at school.  Another one of the YW told her mom that she couldn't do her homework until she had completed her "Walk with Christ" assignment.

After the girls had all eaten and talked and eaten some more (they can eat a lot),
we pushed the tables back and gathered around the couches.
8 girls (and 2 leaders) each took a few minutes and shared some of their experiences with the "Walk with Christ".  It was really touching to see what these girls have learned in 10 days and how it helped their testimonies grow so much.  After we shared our experiences, the girls each found their lamp and went outside to light them. 

Sister Anderson and her daughter, McKenzie.

 Lighting our lamps.
After each girl had her lamp lit, we walked around the block to the Young Womens President's home where we had dessert--cupcakes, of course!!
Do you see me?
Do you see Sierra dumping her oil?
Do you see Summer drinking her oil?
One of my YW leader friends saw this picture.  She said there are only 2 people in this picture that look old enough to be leaders even though there are 5 leaders in the picture.  And one of them is me.  Since I am the oldest one in the picture, I guess it's OK that I don't look 17 anymore.


Carroll Family said...

LOVE this activity! You guys are awesome leaders!!!

Shannon said...

What a cool activity!! I need to do something like this for a YW activity. Do you have the things you did for the 10 day walk? Could you share them?


rin said...

Whatev Kelly - I spotted 2 leaders before I found you!! What an awesome activity! I need to pass it on to our ward.

Jacobson Five said...

So was I the other old lady in the picture? It's not easy getting old!

Amara said...

Tia didn't even let us comment on the papers she had lying around with the Walk with Christ thing on them. I hope she did it! I can't believe those lamps worked too. So neat. Sooo...was this like the bridegroom's feast? cause I'm doubting they had pulled pork at Jesus' table :)