Sunday, March 11, 2012

Filling Our Lamps With Oil

 This was our theme for New Beginnings last week.
Here are pictures of our 4 girls that turn 12 this year and will be joining Young Womens.

 Ashely is conducting.  She is one of our 2 seniors this year and she was in charge of the speaker for the program.  She chose a lady from her previous ward who gave a great talk (and slide show) about Filling Our Lamps With Oil.  (based on a talk given by Lynn Robbins from 2007:  found here

 I was in charge of decorations. 
I talked to my mom and MIL a few days before and they both supplied me with all kinds of things to use for display. 
I found the print in the above picture at Deseret Book.

 Since we only had 4 girls coming into YW this year and 3 of them had older sisters, we had each of them come up.  The older sister talked about the younger sister and it was really fun to think that soon Sierra will be in YW's.  (We just read about Ari since she and Tia weren't there)
 A group of Young Women sang.  
I didn't get a picture of the speaker because it was already awkward taking pictures during the program.
 A week prior to New Beginnings, our Young Women had a combined activity where they went to a studio and the girls created their own lamps.  The girls left their lamps and a lady fired them and we were able to display them at New Beginnings.  We didn't let the girls take them home because in just a couple of weeks we are going to "Walk with Christ" or a feast or something where we focus on how to fill our lamps with oil.  If it goes well, I'll post more details.
 Refreshment Table.  Lemon Bars.  So tasty.  Cole ate 3 of them.  So did I.
My mom had also given me about a dozen little battery operated tea lights in the supplies she loaned me.
I placed them in foil cupcake liners.  
It doesn't show up great in the photos, but it looked really cool when the lights were low during the slide show.
And because we were keeping the lamps that the girls made for a future activity, we made something for them to take home with them.  
This is My Oil Lamp by Kerrie Odell.

I had to share this because...
maybe someone out there can adapt this to their own YW activity in the future.
Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already done it?

Had to show the moms how nicely their props fit into the decor,

And that pretty soon we will have 2 Young Women at this house and Sierra could not be more excited.

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Amara said...

It looks amazing (as usual). I'm so sorry we didn't know this was going to be the week of New Beginnings when we planned our vacation. Tia maybe knew?