Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ready or Not...

This time of the year always seems to put me in the mood to Prepare.
Maybe it's the little anniversary in my head of Hurricane Katrina or the 
Earthquake in DC/Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Severe Flooding 
that has plagued the Eastern United States.
Or, it could have been a series of classes that I attended at Education Week.
The class was titled:
Preventing Preparedness Procrastination
taught by Tal Ehlers who is the Emergency Management Director of Uintah Co.
He talked about...
10 thing you would like to have accessible if all modes of delivery and transportation were stopped.
Figure out YOUR list and buy it NOW.

Just because it's not happening to you doesn't mean it's not happening.

72-hour kits, food & water sanitation

Every family should have a FAMILY PLAN
schedule a meeting.  write down the plan.  (or record).
keep plan in 3-ring binder.  everyone must know the plan, where the written plan is located and that the plan is the same no matter who is home.

Shelter in Place (I had never heard of this before)

Temporary restroom facilities in case of emergency (I've never thought of this)

And much, much more.
I mean, I would like to think that we take our preparedness quite seriously around here.
But, we put these 72 hour kits together months ago.  We couldn't find a great place for them and we didn't want them in the garage because of past experience with rodents.  gross.  So, they just sat in the family room.  And drove me nuts.  I had to up my medication (not really).  
then I heard these stories of the recent disasters in our country combined with the class at Education Week and I decided that this was a perfectly reasonable place for the 72 hour kits. 
Plus, Rick keeps adding to his kit.
For example, he found a Really Good Deal on a 3-in-1 handy dandy preparedness tool a couple of weeks ago.
It's light weight.  It has a knife thingy. a saw. and a hatchet. and a shovel.  And it folds down really small and weighs almost nothing.  It's called a tactical tomahawk.
Mostly, it gives me a piece of mind against the zombies.
you know,
Aim for head or else you're dead.

One thing that I need to get updated is my car kit.

I also need to get small kits for the kids for their backpacks.  I got freaked out when they brought up the story of the kids up in Lehi/Highland/Alpine who had to stay overnight at the school a couple of winters ago when that really freak snowstorm blew into town and shut down roads because of sideways blowing snow and low visibility.
I am also trying to update my information sheets...

And, the Mapleton Stake puts on a Preparedness Class once a month that I/we have been trying to attend. 
(I live in the Mapleton NORTH Stake, so not my stake, but we have been invited by the kind, prepared members of the other stake in Mapleton to get prepared.)
Last month, the class was about communication.
Seriously, it was awesome.
I need a HAM radio license.
And a HAM radio.
Rick and Summer have a license.  Now, it's my turn.

Past classes that I have attended included Earthquake Preparedness & Water Storage / Sanitation

This week we are learning about Food Storage (and wheat).
The class only lasts an hour and they said to be on time and be prepared to be filled with info because they will be dishing it out fast and furious.  (the info, not the wheat.)
But, I have decided that I live in the wrong stake.
Those folks on the other end of town are on the ball.
I may take up residency on the other side of the tracks just so I can be sure someone will come looking for me when the big one hits.  Or when the zombies come.


Jess said...

posts like these give me major anxiety because I am NOT prepared. AT ALL. Will work on this...

Amara said...

We do need to write our plan down. I keep forgetting it. Can I look at yours? and what the heck is "shelter in place"?

Anonymous said...

Actually... this is Tal Ehlers. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the class enough to blog about it. I also find it interesting which of the sayings or concepts I mentioned stood out to you.
I found you because I was sitting in a somewhat boring presentation regarding what happens when a city government declares a disaster and the presenter said "Google your own name and you'll be surprised what you find." I did and here you are.
I was hoping to catch you after my last class on Friday and ask if I could use your story regarding Hurricane Katrina in the presentation that I provide to EMS/Fire/Law agencies around the country. I am speaking in Atlantic City, New Jersey on November 2 as well as St George, UT and Duluth, MN in January. I remember your story but it is so much more real in your own words. My email is tal223@live.com.
If you would allow me to use your story in your words (would write it down?) I believe it would have a tremendous impact on responders, physicians, nurses and spouses with whom I come into contact.
Thank you once again for sharing in the class at BYU. Your personal story left an impact on me as I'm sure it will with others.
Have a great day. Tal