Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zenos Hill

OK, so technically I'm not really supposed to know anything about this story. So, technically I shouldn't be sharing it. So, don't tell anyone who will care. Because I think this is too cool not to share. plus, I don't know the name of the person so it should be OK.

Rick met a person at his place of work, after lots of hours of being at his place of work, this sweet old lady (I can say old because we think she is about 86) started talking to Rick. She is from Fountain Green. (Sanpete County--my future place of residence, maybe) Rick had to quickly text me and ask me what his Grandfather Hill's first name was who was from Fountain Green. (Rick's not too great with names, even relatives) Rick asked if she knew his grandfather and she did not. So, Rick texted me back to ask the name of his Great Grandfather Hill. She didn't remember him either.
She did know Rick's Great Great Grandfather. And the funny thing is that Rick remembered his name and therefore did not need to text me to ask for it.

This sweet little lady would have been about 14 when Zenos Hill died. She remembered him because her dad cut his hair.
And maybe she remembered him because he was a full Ute Indian:

This is what I know about this man:
He was born in one of the canyons of Sanpete County in 1855.
Some Mormon settlers were moving into the area under the direction of Brigham Young.
They came across some Ute Indians.
A mother had died in childbirth or shortly after.
There were 2 babies--a boy and a girl.
The babies were to be killed since the mother was no longer alive to care for them.
The girl was taken by some white people and may have ended up in Idaho.
The boy was taken by white people to Fountain Green and raised by the Hill Family.
(other descendants are the Yorgasons who are Mormon authors and have written about this in more detail, I'm just not yet sure where).
Zenos Hill was married 20 June, 1875 in Fountain Green
and died 9 September, 1938 in Fountain Green.

It still just seems so weird that Rick would bump into someone who knew his Great Great Grandfather.
Do you notice any family resemblance?
me either.


Kristine said...

That's crazy! The Yorgansons wrote about him in "Brother Brigham's Gold." My favorite story is about Zenous's future in-laws sending Brigham Young's a letter asking his advise about their daughter marrying an Ute Indian. BY traveled from SLC to Fountain Green to tell them that it was fine & that their posterity would be fair. I think he was hair, blue eyes & we burn easily.

Carroll Family said...

That's crazy!!!! and really cool!!!!!!!

Tia and Amara said...

Isn't that unusual for a full-blood Native American to have a mustache like that? I kind of had a similar experience going through the San Diego temple for the first time, where three different people came up to me saying they knew my Great-Grandmother. I figured it was her way of letting me know she was around.

Brandi said...

I can totally see the resemblance.

Commonman said...

Hi Kelli, Wonderful story! I am actually working on a Master's thesis on Native Americans in Mormon homes. I would love to get in contact with your family and find out more about what happened to all of Zeno's kin. I live in Henderson Nevada and am attending UNLV as a non-traditional graduate student, after 30 years in retail sales management. I am a member of the LDS Church and love getting on familysearch to see where all these Native American threads lead.
My email is my name is Mike Bennion. Please contact me. I would love to chat and I would love to let you know the things I have found, perhaps we could compare notes.

Commonman said...

What a great piece Kelli!

I am a non-traditional graduate student at UNLV working on a Master's thesis on Native Americans in Mormon homes in the 19th century.
I am a member of the LDS Church and these folks draw me. I love researching them to see what happened to the various families that they raised. I would love to compare notes with your family. My email is
Please reply if you can.
Mike Bennion

Thomas Williams said...

uThat's my great great grandfather to

Scar Terry said...

I am his great grandchild and we have a facebook account under zenos hill or one under hills family reunion for all his kin

Alex Garcia said...

He's my great great grandpa

Joann Mills said...

I found this when I did a search for Zenos Hill. He is an ancestor of mine on my mothers side. Would like more info. on that side of our family. My email is Thanks!